Covid-19 arrangements: Things have changed a lot recently, and we’re all having to adapt. Although Government restrictions mean I can’t work in my clinic, we can still meet and work productively! I can now see you at Studley Grange Craft Village. This works well once you get used to it and keeps everyone safe! Sessions are available Monday and Tuesday 10am – 4pm.

As an alternative, I can offer Zoom or Skype sessions for £80 - get in touch on 01793 850499.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on 07443 505143 or by e-mail

Reiki Training

Reiki Retreat – 1 Day – £70

A day to relax and connect yourself with nature so you can experience meditation and sharing Reiki with one another to refresh your energy.

First Degree – £135*

Learning to dowse energy
Understand and dowse aura
Learn about and balance chakras
  • Use of aromatherapy during Reiki
  • Enhance / connect with your healing energies
  • Giving and receiving Reiki
  • Manual & certificate will be given on completion of the course

Second Degree – £ 145*

  • Learn to use energy to send distance Reiki healing
  • Work on goals for present and future
  • Learn to program crystals to enhance Reiki healing
Learn how to use symbols for healing yourself and others
Dowsing to experience Reiki energy and symbols
  • Giving and receiving
  • Reiki 
Manual & certificate will be given on completion of the course

Reiki Master – Part 1

Reiki Master is for those who feel ready to accept their Master. It is part of the Reiki journey to master level and attunement and there is a sense of coming together and empowering oneself.

The Reiki Master level can be given 6 months or more after Reiki II and you will know when the time is right for you.

Reiki Master involves receiving master attunement to the spiritual degree and is a lovely and wonderful experience. If you wish to teach Reiki you can go on to take Reiki Master level 2, only if you feel that you are ready for this responsibility.

This first part involves one attunement to master level. You will receive this over two days. During the course you will:

  • Take a master meditation
  • Receive one attunement
  • Learn to use forgiveness with your Reiki
  • Explore visualisation
  • Learn the meaning of being a Reiki Master
  • Learn Hatsurei Ho exercises and meditation
  • Work with crystals and chakras
  • Study the master symbols and how to use them

You and the group will determine the direction of the course!

Cost: £270 (deposit £70)
Date: TBA 10am to 4.30pm both days; please bring lunch to share.
Venue: Royal Wootton Bassett

Reiki Master Teacher – Part 2

You can take the Master Teacher course when you feel that you are ready to undertake the responsibility to teach others. It is a two day course.

For those Reiki healers wanting to teach it is preferable to have the experience of giving Reiki healing for at least 10 sessions. You need the wisdom and compassion and the ability to communicate Reiki to others and that is more important than any intellectual qualification you might think you need.

The more people who are able to teach Reiki the more tolerant and understanding and caring we are going to be for the people on the planet. A teacher will facilitate growth in others and encourage them to be the best they can be.

The student can attend any Reiki courses as a teacher-helper in order to continue learning because we are always learning and it will give you confidence to teach your own course.

During this course you will learn:

  • Meditation techniques
  • Lesson planning
  • Goal setting
  • Supporting your students with compassion
  • What and how to teach
  • How to attune
  • Problem solving and counseling
  • Legal requirements
  • Learning about group dynamics
  • Basic counseling skills
  • Using the original Usui techniques
  • Practical teaching methods
  • Looking after yourself and your students

The cost is £250 with a deposit of £70

*  Please be aware that the course may run over two days rather than one if there are more than 4 people attending to ensure that everyone has the opportunity of personal tutoring from me.

I teach small informal groups to ensure a positive learning experience. For further details please contact me.


Reiki Healing Evenings

I also run a monthly Reiki healing evenings, that will provide support and time to

  • Meditate
  • Give and receive Reiki healing within our group
  • Group discussion in a caring and safe environment

You will also be invited to ask any questions and I will endeavor to answer them.

Anyone who has trained with me is very welcome to attend. It is also an important time for personal development for you. Sessions run on the first Wednesday of the month from (7pm to 9:30pm). Price: £6.50 – refreshments included. Please contact me for up to date information, as the current Covid-19 situation means not all events are able to run as previously scheduled.



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